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% Chocolate Cupcakes % recipe, scheme, #pinned % 2008-12-15

Every now and then, I dust off my copy of The Little Schemer and read a few sections. It’s a great book, in a unique and friendly format.

Part of the reason I pick up the book time and time again is because re- reading sections of it re-enforces the basic concepts that a Scheme programmer needs to know. Now I’m not saying I don’t know these basic concepts, because I do, but my daily routine unfortunately does not involve Scheme. Instead, I spend my time not recursing on cdrs but using imperative style looping constructs.

And, since I like to make my own junk food, it’s the perfect book since it leaves pages for jelly stains and provides a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I thought it’d be nice to share my new favorite cupcake recipe, with peppermint icing–just in time for the holidays. I’ve stolen Friedman and Felleisen’s recipe format:

(define (chocolate-cupcakes)
  (bake '(375 degree) '(20 minute)
        (mix (mix '(sugar 1 cup)
                  '(flour 3/2 cup)
                  '(baking-soda 1 teaspoon)
                  '(cocoa 1/3 cup)
                  '(apple-sauce 1/2 cup)
                  '(cold-water 1 cup)
                  '(vanilla 2 teaspoon)
                  '(salt 1/2 teaspoon))
             '(vinegar 2 tablespoon))))

(define (peppermint-icing)
  (mix '(butter 1/2 cup)
       '(powdered-sugar 2 cup)
       '(vanilla 1 teaspoon)
       '(peppermint-extract 2 teaspoon)
       '(milk 3 tablespoon)))