This is SIGUSR2. SIGUSR2 is the blog of Andrew Gwozdziewycz, and the name of a Signal in the POSIX specification. Its action is user defined, hence the description, “User defined signal 2.” Not surprisingly, there is a SIGUSR1 as well.

Content is written in markdown and published using a Makefile, which invokes the theme program from discount, a markdown implementation written in C. All content on the blog, including this page, and any others, unless specifically stated, is released under the Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license, which means you are free to repurpose the site for your own use provided you share your changes, and provide attribution back to the author, me, Andrew Gwozdziewycz.

SIGUSR2 has undergone many transformations in the past, and has served as a test bed for various static blog engines in the past. In 2008, the blog received a major refresh, and its current name. It had previously been 23excuses. Select posts from 23excuses were kept and republished–the rest were burned.

The refresh lasted until 2014, when I decided to center it, change its color scheme, and rewrite all but the content. While the original modest, the name of the static blog tool I had created, used HTML, I was determined to use something more friendly, such as Markdown. I used to get things mostly back in shape, but laziness means that there are still some entries that are broken, which I fix when I encounter them and have time to do so.

Currently, SIGUSR2 is typeset in the beautiful Open Sans, using the regular, and semi-bold variants. It is served via OpenBSD’s httpd(8).